Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going nowhere

I had a bunch of travel ideas for this summer floating around in my head, but I've decided to nix all of them.  I was going to Honduras and then I was going to Spain and then I was going Paris... but I've put a lid on all those ideas.  Reason?  Summer in the Pacific Northwest is short, and I want to make the most of it.  Last year, I frittered away most of my summer planning for Peru, going to Peru, and then getting things organized from coming back to Peru.  That was a great trip, but I should have taken it during a different season.  Essentially, I left our summer to enjoy their winter.

This summer, I'm staying put.  I have a bunch of backpacking trips I would like to take, and maybe one of those will be worth blogging about.  Otherwise, I might head somewhere for the latter half of September before school starts.

By the way, I replaced my lost camera.  It's a little Kodak, and I got it on a crazy deal from for $50.  With the way I go through cameras, I feel the cheaper the better.

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